Leading for Engagement: Principles of Transformational Leadership

Picture of diverse group of business professionals working collaboratively around a whiteboard

Drive employee engagement

Employee engagement is a force that drives performance outcomes. Engaged employees are more productive, more profitable, more customer focused, and less likely to leave their employer. Unfortunately, Gallup Poll surveys over the last decade find that employee engagement has been on the decline.

With this transformational leadership course you’ll develop a new vocabulary on engagement and a new vocabulary on leadership. You’re going to know whether or not your employees are engaged and why, as well as whether or not you are effective as a leader driving engagement.

You will learn

  • What it means to be a transformational leader
  • The "building blocks" of employee engagement
  • How leadership and engagement are connected

The course includes a number of questionnaires to gauge your leadership style. Additionally, employee assessment tools will be provided so that managers can better determine their employees’ view of their work and level of engagement.

Who will benefit

Regardless of whether you are a mid- or senior-level manager, or a leader in the midst of major or more subtle organizational change, this course is a must attend learning opportunity.


  • Enhance your ability to diagnose engagement problems
  • Build a solid understanding of your personal leadership style and preferences
  • Become more transformational in your techniques and approaches
  • Transform a disengaged workforce to drive business performance


Course includes program materials, snacks, meals, and parking

Certificate in Business Leadership

Earn a University of Georgia Certificate in Business Leadership by completing this course and four other leadership courses.

Learn more by clicking here - https://executive.terry.uga.edu/businessleadership.php