Picture of a supervisor speaking to a group of employees

Effective Employee Coaching and Feedback

August 21, 2019

Develop communication skills that encourage excellence, avoid conflict, and create champions and help assure achievement of organizational goals.

Picture of people gathered around a whiteboard participating in a collaborative excercise

Leading for Engagement: Principles of Transformational Leadership

September 25, 2019

Gain valuable insights on how to diagnose employee engagement problems and transform your leadership style to reengage drive your team and maximize business performance outcomes.

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Change Leadership: Engaging People for Organizational Change

October 3, 2019

Build the skills and develop tools needed to successfully lead change, manage resistance to change and create sustainable impact.

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Fundamentals of Finance

February 3, 2020

Learn the basic concepts and analytical tools of finance in the corporate finance and investment arenas.

Picture of a business professional giving a presentation about finance

Finance Essentials

March 12, 2020

Use financial data to better communicate the basis of your decisions and effectively advocate for the resources you need to ensure success.

Picture of business professionals participating in a strategic planning exercise

Strategic Management

April 8, 2020

Expand your understanding of the concepts, processes, players, and planning elements involved in developing a strategic advantage over the competition in any business environment.

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Human-Centered Design Thinking Essentials

May 6, 2020

Learn a new methodology that gives non-designers a new way to see and address customer needs while generating higher levels of customer empathy, employee inclusion, and organizational collaboration.

Picture of diverse group of women in professional business attire

Accelerating Leadership for Women


Identify the unique obstacles women face in the work place and how to best navigate them. This course includes two one-on-one executive coaching sessions.

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Learn how to create an innovation strategy that will guide you in designing a system to match your specific competitive needs.

Picture of two students working together at a desk

Moneyballing Your Management: Data and Analytics at Work


Enhance your understanding and use of business analytics to diagnose team engagement challenges and capture opportunities that drive performance outcomes.

Picture of a team of young professionals having a discussion around a meeting table

Team Effectiveness


Master specific and executable interventions that can increase the effectiveness of your team, regardless of its characteristics.