Transition to Manager: A One-Week Boot Camp

Picture of a group of business professionals having a conversation in an office

Become an exceptional leader.

The transition of rising from an individual contributor to a highly effective people manager can often prove the most difficult and risk-filled journey in anyone’s professional career. This intensive week-long program focuses on the core principles that characterize excellence in leadership and highlights the key steps involved in successfully moving from a team member to a successful team leader. Participants of the program learn the six essential conversations that effective managers must master in order to motivate their teams toward outstanding performance, as well as develop the foundational skills that will elevate them to become exceptional leaders.

The Transition to Manager Boot Camp provides an immersive training experience for current and emerging managers in the fundamentals of effective team leadership. Participants are engaged in a number of interactive sessions that include performance goal-setting, effective communication techniques, and proactively taking on key block and tackle issues that include managing team conflict and navigating organizational change. These skillsets are reinforced through interactive role playing and one-on-one coaching provided by industry-experienced instructors. Senior executives see an immediate positive impact in the demeanor and performance of their newly trained managers as they lead their staff toward successfully achieving assigned goals.


  • Understanding and embracing the professional and personal changes involved in moving from an individual contributor to managing others
  • Setting performance and development goals for others, and managing them to successfully achieve them
  • Providing constructive performance feedback that motivates others to achieve individual and team goals
  • Developing effective decision-making skills and communicating those decisions with confidence
  • Resolving conflict in a way that results in improved performance and promotes personal dignity
  • Building team alignment that fosters healthy relationships and streamlines processes
  • Guiding staff successfully through organizational change and disruption
  • Counseling others on developing career goals and choices that lead to higher retention and engagement

Who will benefit

New managers and supervisors, experienced managers who want to further develop skills, and managers who haven’t received formal training.


  • Useful tools and techniques for effectively managing and motivating your team in your role as people manager
  • Improved outlook for future promotion opportunities by being a better people manager, communicator, and leader


  • The Six Conversations of Performance Management
    • What’s expected of me?
    • How should I develop?
    • How am I doing?
    • How did I do?
    • How will I be rewarded?
    • What’s next for me?
  • Basics of Managing Process
    • Naming and documenting critical processes
    • Managing a process – data, variance, and response
    • Situation analysis – facts, experience, assumptions
    • Cause analysis – what’s working, what’s  not
    • Decision making – selecting criteria
  • Communications
    • The communication process: prepare, share, and hear
    • Knowing your audience: boss, peers, staff
    • Acknowledging your blindspots – The Iceberg Syndrome
    • Using MBTI to organize communication
    • Listening and questioning techniques
  • Conflict Resolution
    • The basics of emotional intelligence
    • Sources of conflict and key steps to resolving
    • Relating communication skills back to the Six
    • Thomas-Kilmann conflict index: competing, accommodating, avoiding, compromising, collaborating
  • Managing Change
    • The change transition model and how you
    personally react to change
    • How conservers, optimists, and pragmatists
    approach change
    • Managing your staff through transition 
    • Communication and performance
    management strategies


Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided daily. Free parking and materials are included with registration.