Leading Change


Whether responding to a pandemic or adjusting to disruptive technologies, today’s organizations are forced to deal with an unprecedented pace of change. The result? Organizations with a “change ready” culture are positioned to thrive—while others are at risk.

Leading Change introduces leaders to organizational change frameworks, tactics, best practices, and proven interventions to deal with change. The program focuses on the application of theory, including adapting the concepts of co-creation to all aspects of change management in an organizational setting. The session provides you with practical examples of change interventions, with an emphasis on gaining stakeholder buy-in. Most importantly, it helps you design ways to increase the number of employees who support and embrace change.

Who Benefits

Individual contributors, teams, and managers interested in leading organizational change to improve individual performance and organizational capability.


  • Learn practical tools and best practices to effectively lead change
  • Understand the application of change frameworks and common responses to change
  • Identify how to mobilize key stakeholders to co-create, implement, and manage change

Program Structure

This program meets online from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on April 19 and 21.


Program materials.

Certificate in Business Leadership

Earn a University of Georgia Certificate in Business Leadership by completing this program and four other leadership programs. Learn more. . .