Human-Centered Design Thinking Essentials

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Would you like to gain unique insights about your customers’ greatest needs while at the same time driving a higher level of creative thought in your organization?

Human-Centered Design Thinking Essentials  (HCDT) is a methodology that gives non-designers a new way to see and address customer needs while generating higher levels of customer empathy, employee inclusion, and organizational collaboration; a challenging change to the conventional business mindset. This course is "hands-on," applying the proprietary HCDT to address real world challenges.

Who will benefit

Senior executives and their teams exploring and understanding the value of Human-Centered Design Thinking.


  • Develop a deep, rich understanding of what your customers need
  • Understand the sources of new insights that lead to breakthrough ideas
  • Establish a natural rhythm and flow of creative problem solving and new ideas
  • Implement or refine an innovation process that increases rewards and reduces risk
  • Help new ideas to “cross the chasm” of organizational barriers and constraints


Program includes course materials, snacks, meals, and parking.

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Certificate in Business Leadership

Earn a University of Georgia Certificate in Business Leadership by completing this course and four other leadership courses.

To learn more, visit the Certificate in Business Leadership home page.