Design Thinking Online Sprint: How to Engage Customers Remotely and Drive Innovation

Someone working on a project


Deepen your understanding of human-centered design by joining a cohort and a Bridge Innovate® coach to complete an innovation journey using the remote tools Zoom® and Sprintbase™. Learn to apply design thinking to form new ideas and creative solutions while tackling a real-world challenge. Using the collaborative design platform Sprintbase™ and a series of remotely facilitated workshops, even design-thinking newcomers can uncover deep user insights, generate more novel ideas, and quickly test new prototype solutions to create a bigger impact, faster.

The program includes synchronous working sessions with your Bridge Innovate® coach, as well as asynchronous activities you complete on Sprintbase™ as a cohort. Invite observers to follow along throughout the entire journey, or invite customers or stakeholders to provide feedback during the prototyping stage.

Who will benefit

Senior executives, managers, and their teams seeking to build skills remotely by designing new products and processes in organizations where innovation is important. Individuals at all professional levels seeking to engage their creative capacity to up their professional game.


  • Develop a deep understanding of design thinking based on customer needs
  • Master the human-centered design process, enabling broad application for the creation of new ideas and solutions
  • Build essential leadership skills to help teams meet disruptive challenges head-on with innovation solutions
  • Achieve meaningful progress on a real innovation challenge
  • Engage others as observers in the learning challenge via Sprintbase™
  • Personal access to Sprintbase™ for one year
  • Develop an understanding of design thinking based on customer empathy

Program Structure

Online program duration is 3 weeks, with approximately 4 hours per week required to participate in cohort sessions and to complete assignments. The cohort will meet for the program launch on Tuesday, Aug. 4, from 11 a.m.–12:15 p.m. via Zoom and on Tuesdays and Thursdays the following 2 weeks at the same times. The program concludes with a celebration on Tuesday, Aug. 25, at 11 a.m.


  • Session 1

    Cohort Session: Project Launch

    Individual Assignment (1–1.5 hours):
    Virtual platform exploration; conduct field research

  • Session 2

    Cohort Session: Research to Insights

    Individual Assignment (1–1.5 hours):
    Post insights; vote on insights

  • Session 3

    Cohort Session: Research to Opportunity

    Individual Assignment (1–1.5 hours):
    Brainstorm ideas; address top HMWs

  • Session 4

    Cohort Session: Idea to Prototype

    Individual Assignment (1–1.5 hours):
    Create early prototypes; gather feedback

  • Session 5

    Cohort Session: Prototype to Solution

    Individual Assignment (1–1.5 hours):
    Record video pitch of prototype solution

  • Session 5

    Cohort Session: Show the World!

Faculty and Instructors

Jenny Whitener

Jenny Whitener
CEO, Leadership & Strategy Chief, Bridge Innovate®

Jenny Whitener is the founder and CEO of Bridge Innovate®. For more than 25 years, she has teamed with senior executives to build leadership, innovate business, and mobilize change using design, innovation, and management consulting methods. Master Certified in IDEO’s design-thinking methodology and seasoned in Ernst & Young’s Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE), Jenny is known for leading large-scale solution design efforts to help clients solve complex challenges and achieve business transformation.

Collin Young

Collin Young

Senior Consultant & Design Thinking Leader, Bridge Innovate®

Collin Young serves as a senior consultant with Bridge Innovate®, providing design-thinking coaching, facilitation services, project management, and managing the company’s creative services network. Collin has completed training with the Project Management Institute and is in the process of finalizing his Project Management Professional™ (PMP) certification.

Mary Kim

Mary Kim

Senior Consultant & Bright Spark Leader, Bridge Innovate®

Mary Kim serves as a senior consultant for Bridge Innovate®. Certified in IDEO’s design-thinking methodology, she is well versed in managing large complex projects with multiple stakeholder groups, and experienced with facilitating strategy sessions, such as asset mapping and empathy-based listening series. Mary leads Bright Spark,™ a program meant to ignite the creative confidence of educators and students.