Change Leadership: Engaging People for Organizational Change

Picture of a diverse group of business professionals

Create sustainable impact

A leader’s ability to lead change depends on how well he or she anticipates and manages the transitions people must make to get to the future state.

In this course you will build the skills and develop tools needed to successfully lead change and create sustainable impact. You’ll also learn how to effectively manage resistance to change, within your organization and at the individual level.

Learn about the common change models frequently cited and real life experience including what works and doesn’t work in implementation. Bring challenges that you are facing within your own organization and work on approaches to leading change that you can put into action.

Who will benefit

New managers who need assistance making the transition into team leadership, and more experienced managers and directors that are facing change within the organization.


  • Position yourself as a leader that fosters alignment and accountability
  • Evaluate the connection between employee engagement and employee performance
  • Implement the 7 factors that impact an employee’s behavior and involvement
  • Motivate and support employees to achieve desired results


Course includes program materials, snacks, meals, and parking

Certificate in Business Leadership

Earn a University of Georgia Certificate in Business Leadership by completing this course and four other leadership courses.

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