Certificate in Business Leadership

Utilizing top faculty and engaging research, University of Georgia has developed a Certificate in Business Leadership that delivers actionable plans and a toolkit for the working professional.

As a leader you must be well-rounded, engaged with those you are leading, and able to think critically to solve problems your team encounters. This certificate is a must for anyone looking to acquire those skills, become a competitive executive and lead a successful team.

Our robust course offerings focus on innovation, finance, strategy, personal leadership, change management, team effectiveness, and transformational leadership.

Complete 5 days of the following programs to earn your certificate:

Finance Essentials

March 12, 2020

This course provides an introductory primer—in an accessible, non-technical way—on how to use data to guide people-related decisions and create a better performing workforce.

Strategic Management

April 8, 2020

Learn the tools expert researchers are using to evaluate performance at companies and how you can use them to better yourself and your company.

Human-Centered Design Thinking Essentials

May 6-7, 2020

Learn a new methodology that gives non-designers a new way to see and address customer needs while generating higher levels of customer empathy, employee inclusion, and organizational collaboration.

Change Leadership: Engaging People for Organizational Change

Coming Fall 2020

An organization’s ability to drive change depends on how well it anticipates and manages the transitions people must make to get to the future state.

Effective Employee Coaching and Feedback

Coming Fall 2020

Develop communication skills that encourage excellence, avoid conflict, and create champions and help assure achievement of organizational goals.


Coming in 2020

Learn how to create an innovation strategy that will guide you in designing a system to match your specific competitive needs.

Leading for Engagement: Principles of Transformational Leadership

Coming Fall 2020

Gain valuable insights on how to diagnose employee engagement problems and transform your leadership style to reengage drive your team and maximize business performance outcomes.

Moneyballing Your Management: Data and Analytics at Work

Coming in 2020

Examine the world's top-performing organizations and learn how leaders apply business analytics to heighten employee engagement and drive performance outcomes.

Team Effectiveness

Coming in 2020

This certificate has been uniquely designed to help you fulfill your potential as a leader in your organization.