Transformational Leadership

May 05 - 06, 2015
Terry Executive Education Center
3475 Lenox Road, Atlanta, GA 30326

General: $2,300
Early Registrant: $1,950**
Alumni: $1,800

**To receive the early registrant rate, registrants must pay 30 days prior to the courses start date. 

About Transformational Leadership

Regardless of whether you are a mid- or senior-level manager, or a leader in the midst of major or more subtle organizational change, the University of Georgia's Executive Education course, Transformational Leadership: Driving Employee Engagement, is a must-attend learning opportunity.

Participants will learn:

  • What it means to be a transformational leader
  • The “building blocks” of employee engagement
  • How leadership and engagement are connected

The curriculum includes a number of questionnaires to gauge leadership style. Additionally, employee assessment tools will be provided so that managers can better determine their employees' view of their work and their level of engagement.

Key learning outcomes of the program include:

  • Enhancing your ability to diagnose engagement problems
  • Building your understanding of your own leadership style and preferences
  • Becoming more transformational in your leadership style
  • Transforming a disengaged workforce to drive business performance

Day One

  • Understand what transformational leadership and employee engagement are and are not
  • Complete a transformational leadership assessment
  • Learn about the “building blocks” of engagement
  • Discover the drivers of job satisfaction versus motivation
  • Understand the facets of organizational commitment and job performance

Day Two

  • Learn about the specific styles that make a leader “transformational” versus ordinary
  • Understand what it means to be “charismatic”
  • Discover how to inspire and “lead by example”
  • Devise techniques for coaching and developing others while fostering their creative thoughts
  • Learn “next steps” in continuing to build transformational leadership and engagement
 Participants are going to develop a new vocabulary

on engagement and a new vocabulary on leadership. They're going to know why their employees are or are not engaged and why they are or are not effective as leaders driving engagement.

Jason Colquitt, PhD, William Harry Willson Distinguished Chair of Business, Terry College of Business, The University of Georgia

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Jason Colquitt
Professor PhD, William Harry Willson Distinguished Chair of Business, Terry

Colquitt brings an impressive background as both an academic researcher and practitioner. He has served on six editorial boards and been an ad hoc reviewer for 18 different research journals related to the field of organizational behavior. He also is Editor in Chief of the Academy of Management Journal, which is regarded as the top empirical journal in the field of management.

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