Strategy: Outthink Your Competition


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Terry Executive Education Center
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About Strategy: Outthink Your Competition 

Why does one firm perform better than another? How can a firm maintain its competitive advantage over time? 

Specifically, this course focuses on an understanding of the concepts, processes, players, and institutions in the strategic business environment. Managers can begin to develop and implement effective business and corporate-level strategies through external (industry-level) and internal (firm-level) analyses.

An overview of strategic planning models which will enable you to: 

•    Analyze the internal and external environments of the firm through a SWOT analysis 
•    Understand the types and implementation of business and corporate-level strategies 
•    Distinguish the benefits and drawbacks of strategic implementation vehicles
     (e.g., mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, and more)
•    Discuss current issues related to corporate governance
•    Explain biases associated with strategic planning and strategic decision making

Scott D. Graffin, PhD

Dr. Scott D. Graffin is an Associate Professor in the Terry College of Business Department of Management at The University of Georgia where he is also an Associate Editor, Academy of Management Journal. Dr. Graffin has worked as a professor at the University of Georgia since 2006. He has won multiple teaching awards during his career including the Terry College of Business Outstanding Teacher award and he was also named the Professor of the Year in the MBA program at the Terry College.

His research focuses on corporate governance and also impact of reputation, status, and organizational impression management activities on organization outcomes. Broadly, his research suggests that such social evaluations impact a number of corporate governance outcomes including assessments of executive compensation, CEO turnover, and firm quality. Dr. Graffin uses his eight years of corporate finance experience combined with his PhD in Strategic Management & Organization Theory to bring you the best practices in instilling adaptability in your work force.

 The best CEO's I know are teachers,
and at the core of what they teach is strategy.

Michael Porter, PhD Harvard Business School

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Scott D. Graffin, PhD
Associate Professor Department of Management, Terry College of Business

Scott D. Graffin PhD uses his eight years of corporate finance experience combined with his PhD in Strategic Management & Organization Theory to bring you the best practices in instilling adaptability in your work force.