Marketing Research Academy

Apr 10 - 13, 2017
Terry Executive Education Center
3475 Lenox Road, Atlanta, GA 30326

About Marketing Research Academy

The University of Georgia Terry College of Business partners with the American Marketing Association to provide a three and half day program covering the design, implementation, interpretation and reporting of quality marketing research.

This program is most valuable to a research manager or analyst with less than four years of experience, or a marketing manager who simply needs a better understanding of the research function. Experienced instructors will teach participants how to use marketing research to drive growth in their own organizations.

Program Agenda Topics

Day One: 

  • Introduction to Marketing Research — define marketing research and discuss its critical importance to effective decision making
  • Problem Definition — address how to identify the key concerns of the decision maker and how to differentiate between symptoms and problems
  • Introduction to Qualitative Marketing Research — learn the key principles of qualitative marketing research and their appropriate applications

Day Two: 

  • The Qualitative Marketing Research Toolbox — build upon the introductory session by learning the specific tools of qualitative research and the appropriate uses for various qualitative tool categories
  • Sampling — provide guidelines on how to develop and implement a sampling plan that will provide valid, projectable results
  • Questionnaire Design — address key issues in designing and developing effective questionnaires that will capture the true beliefs and actions of consumers

Day Three: 

  • Data Analysis — this practitioner oriented session will cover the basic analytical tools and techniques commonly used in the marketing research industry
  • Contemporary Market Research Through Digital — learn digital research strategies using various tools and methods and identify key challenges in successfully implementing digital research

Day Four: 

  • Converting Insights into Action — focus on tangible ways to overcome obstacles that impede research results from being implemented in decision-making
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